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Celebrities, famous people, singers, rappers, politicians, criminals, actors & actresses, authors, composers, athletes. All are celebrities, and many use a pseudonym, nom-de-plume, nom-de-guerre, stage name, act name, nickname, or business name. Many use their real name, but this site gives more information on the full name.
Celebrities often change their name. They do this for various reasons - to hide their identity, to hide their ethnic origin, to establish a 'stage name', to avoid another similar name, or because someone else suggested a better-sounding name. Sometimes they simplify the name.
On this site, their real/birth names are shown, along with biographical data like birth date, birth place, death date, zodiac sign, relationships - marriages, children, parents. The reasons for their fame (categories) are listed, also a brief description of their fame, or a list of accomplishments. Search methods are provided.
There are more than 487 different halls of fame plus 15 awards and honors and 11 sports awards listed. More than 10,000 names are identified in these awards and halls of fame.
Why Change Their Names? [+]
Why Change Their Names?
They change names to simplify, to hide their real identity, to use a nickname, to switch or hide gender, to disguise ethnic origin or religion, to adopt a new religion or philosophy, or simply because an agent suggests an appropriate name. In some cases, they switched because the real name was already in use.
Real names of rappers are a special case. Most of them use a stage name. It may be a childhood nickname, but in many cases the name is intended to show some aspect of toughness. Sometimes it is a street name.
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  New Death Year shows all others who died in the same year.

  New Sounds Like search uses a 'sounds like' comparison. has real names of 11,396 famous people, 1,605 rappers.
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